Personal information

Hello, I'm James Wright. I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta.
Here is a link to my academic website.

Projects and downloads

Jwacs adds first-class continuations to Javascript via program transformations.
Lispvan jwacs talk
I gave a talk about jwacs at the Vancouver Lisp Users' Group in September 2006. Sadly the recording is no longer available, but the transcript still exists.
Darcs/emacs integration. Includes an interactive cherry-picking interface for adding changes to patches, integration with ediff, and more.
Git/emacs integration. Like xdarcs, includes an interactive cherry-picking interface for staging and committing changes and integration with ediff. Also cherry-picked commit from staged, unstage, and revert.
A mode for editing markdown files in emacs. Includes pretty formatting and a command for cycling among different underline styles (for different heading levels).